// An Ode to Self Care, May Edition //

1.     Light a candle, change the vibe of a room

2.     Drink hot lemon water in the mornings

3.     Use as many natural skincare products as possible

4.     Cliché, but true: drink your water!

5.     Cry about the things that you’re going through/have gone through; release; rebuild

6.     Read up on something that interests you

7.     Get a full night’s rest as much as possible (I know we're all on the go, but you will feel and perform so much better when well rested)

8.     Explore the many functions of activated charcoal

9.  Challenge yourself to accomplish your daily goals, no matter how big or small/hold yourself accountable

10.  Remove toxic foods, people, products, etc. from your life

a.    Note: these people may not necessarily be overtly negative, however if they make you behave negatively in reaction to them, they are personally toxic to your well-being 

Danielle Marshall