// An Ode to Self Care, June Edition //

1.     Light a candle

2.     Take multivitamins

a.     Amongst my favorite are vitamin C and vitamin E pills (skin will POP)

3.     Say no to what’s wrong for you

4.     Say yes to what’s right for you

5.     Use a bentonite clay mask to clear pores (in combination w/a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar)

6.     Choose a few days out of the week to take a social media hiatus

a.     Sometimes seeing other people’s excessive happiness can make you feel some type of way about your own situation(s). Remember not to compare yourself to others, and that social media is simply a highlight reel of everyone’s lives. Also, everything that glitters surely may not be gold.

7.     Use a hot tea tree oil treatment on your hair/scalp at least once a month

8.     Ladies specifically: moisturize & gently massage your edges!

a.     Moisturizing and increasing blood flow to this area of your scalp helps promote strong and healthy edges. It is also important to understand your own hair. For example, if your edges are thinner consider your daily practices in attempt to locate the cause of this. While edges may be thinner due to genetics, there are other possibilities that may play a factor (such as slicking down those hairs often/excessive edge manipulation, wearing headbands, etc.)

9.     Buy a plant, research how to properly care for that plant specifically, and keep it in your bedroom. There’s something special about having live objects in your safe space

10.  Don’t be confined to the mindset that declares how things are “supposed” to happen. Move at your own pace

11. If you have an ailment, try to find a natural remedy before taking medication

Danielle Marshall